Kamalani Children's Chorus

The Nä Pua No'eau Kamalani Children's Chorus is a choral ensemble of Hawaiian children at the Hilo site. Participation in the chorus develops performance skills, raises self-esteem among participating children, and increases the visibility of Native Hawaiian children who excel as singers, dancers and performers. The chorus integrates Hawaiian music and dance into their repertoire, thus heightening the children's awareness of their rich Hawaiian heritage.

Throughout the year, the Kamalani Children's Chorus rehearses twice weekly. The chorus travels and performs at various community functions. Additionally, off island performance tours are planned each year, challenging the children to excel toward higher performance levels and to achieve a greater sense of independence, poise and confidence. The chorus is available for special events programmed by the University of Hawai'i at Hilo and other community functions.

On October 1997, the Kamalani released their first recording, entitled, "Ho'olaua'e".

Chorus Directors:

  • Michael Springer
  • Rudy Serain
  • Catherine Arnold

Kamalani Children's Chorus 2000