Nä'imiloa High School

Demonstration Project

[Students in Grades 9 - 12]

The Nä'imiloa Program is intended to identify and provide educational enrichment opportunities to potentially gifted (and underachieving) high school students. The Program is a collaborative effort between selected high schools and the University of Hawai'i at Hilo's Center for Gifted and Talented Native Hawaiian Children (Nä Pua No'eau).

The Center supports schools in developing new and innovative methods and procedures which intend to increase the numbers of Hawaiian students identified and participating in gifted and/or enrichment activities.

The program was initiated in response to teachers who recognized that some students were not able to realize their potential through the traditional high school strategies or perspectives. These potentially gifted students were "falling through the cracks." In discussions with teachers, the program began with the idea of identifying these students and providing an enrichment program which builds upon their talent, develops self esteem, and develops awareness and an appreciation of the Hawaiian culture.

A group of teachers, administrators, parents, and students from the respective schools met and created list of descriptors believed to best characterize potentially gifted underachieving students.

In addition to the process of identifying students and providing an educational enrichment program, other components of the Nä'imiloa Program include teacher in-service, and parent workshops.

Each school is allowed to develop their school Nä'imiloa Program to respond to their student population and climate.


Hilo High School Coordinator: Sandi Claveria

Waiäkea High School Coordinator: Külani Calina

Pähoa High School Coordinator: Pi'ilani Ka'awaloa

St. Joseph High School Coordinator: Pam Lyman