In consideration of the historical, psychosocial and cultural aspects of native Hawaiians in education, Center endeavors are guided by following philosophical perspectives:

Hawaiians have not failed, rather the education system has failed Hawaiians. As Hawaiians, we need to wonder about the statistical information of Hawaiians in education and consider the fact that our population has had very limited access to information about our history, culture, language and thinking. The Center efforts begin by looking at ways to change the current educational climate in order to optimize the learning of Hawaiian students.


The Hawaiian perspective of giftedness lies in nurturing the gifts of all children not in determining who is gifted and who is not. The conventional perspective of gifted and talented programming tends to set exclusive parameters and limits participation. The Center for Gifted and Talented Native Hawaiian Children, Nä Pua No'eau, recognizes the limitation of current assessment measures in recognizing potential and the diversity of perspectives about of giftedness and the way students exhibit their giftedness. Nä Pua No'eau focuses its resources in nurturing the gifts of all students it serves with a participation perspective of openness to all who share interest with the capability of the Center's resources.

We must understand the role culture plays in the education and growth of our children. As the Center promotes a wide range of discipline coverage and depth of educational experiences it provides for its students, three factors are kept in mind that link these topics and experiences. The factors are: the self or the person and how he/she views him/herself; the family or 'ohana the notion of having responsibility within a family and that all parts are important for success; the Hawaiian culture, the history, the values. Each topic or discipline is integrated with the Hawaiian perspective, culture and / or history. The kite metaphor represents a graphic representation of how Nä Pua No'eau sees the development of the students served by the Center.