Keala Lapa'au

(Medical School Gateway Program)

The Center for Gifted and Talented Native Hawaiian Children, Nä Pua No'eau, in partnership the John A. Burns School of Medicine's School Gateway) Program conducts the medical pathway program. The purpose is to increase the number of Hawaiian students aspiring toward an educational and career path in the medical profession.

There are many more Hawaiian students that have the potential in becoming medical doctors than actually aspire toward that profession. Nationally and statewide, Hawaiians and other minorities are under utilized in many professions that demand higher education credentials.

Therefore the program provides numerous activities in a variety of educational programs for Hawaiian children from grades kindergarten to 12. The activities and programs developed specifically for the students "inspire" students toward the medical profession; link students with support service that would enhance their successful path toward this career goal; and assist in developing and conducting academic programs that enhance their preparedness toward an education program appropriate for medicine.


Program initiatives include:


The continuation of the Program is contingent to the on going discussions between Nä Pua No'eau and the John A. Burns School of Medicine.