Project Kupulau and Project Ho'omau

"Kupulau" is the Hawaiian concept for "progressive and continuing enhancement."

Project Kupulau provides students who have successfully completed a Summer Institute with an opportunity to continue, in greater depth, the development of their talent, self-esteem, Hawaiian culture and values, and family enrichment through the center's facilitation. Students continue learning from either the teachers who worked with them during the Summer Institute or from other experts within the students' area of interests. Workshops are conducted for students at their respective island Nä Pua No'eau sites. Project Kupulau students also have the opportunity to participate in a kupulau level Summer Institute.

"Ho'omau" is the Hawaiian concept for "to persevere and endure toward a vision."

Project Ho'omau is an effort to keep in touch with the students who have successfully completed Summer Institute and Project Kupulau and continue to provide a level of support within the capability of the center's resources. Students are offered a series of workshops which are reflective of their expressed interest and educational/career goals.

The successful operation of Project Ho'omau requires the effort of many collaborating agencies. Currently a medical "pathway" has been established in collaboration with the University of Hawai'i at Mänoa's School of Medicine, which enhance students potential for successful matriculation toward a medical career.