The mission of the Center is to identify gifted and talented Hawaiian youth (K-12) and to provide them with educational enrichment opportunities. It is hoped that through this effort and other supportive efforts that the Hawaiian population of Hawai'i will become increasingly represented in occupations and roles that contribute significantly to the growth and development of the community, the state of Hawai'i, and the nation. It is also the Center's hope that through its efforts, Hawaiians will be among the increasing number of human resource that assists in the advancement of the nation, the state, and the community, especially in technology, human resources, and education.



The Center for Gifted and Talented Native Hawaiian Children is structured to accomplish the following goals:

1. To increase the number of Hawaiian children (K-12) participating in gifted and talented activities throughout the state of Hawai'i, and;

2. To increase the opportunities for gifted and talented Hawaiian children to participate in educational enrichment activities.



The vision of the Center is to empower more Hawaiian children and their families to be successful, happy, and contributing members of their respective communities where the Hawaiian perspective is acknowledged, respected, and incorporated. The vision can be made a reality through the following objectives.



To meet the Center's goals, Nä Pua No'eau is established to implement the following objectives:

1. To develop and facilitate access for Hawaiian gifted and talented children into existing educational enrichment programs;

2. To develop, plan, and implement innovative and effective demonstration projects for gifted and talented Hawaiian children;

3. To provide enrichment activities to families of gifted and talented Hawaiian children;

4. To incorporate Hawaiian values, culture, language, and history into the curriculum and activities of gifted and talented Hawaiian children;

5. To provide in-service training for program teachers to:

5.1 Encourage their participation in understanding the broadening definition of giftedness;

5.2 Create enriching and challenging curriculum for Hawaiian gifted and talented children;

5.3 Increase awareness to the dynamic nature of assessment and instruction;

5.4 Sensitize them to the emotional, psychosocial, and cultural needs of native Hawaiian gifted and talented children, that is provide information and dissemination of Hawaiian values and learning styles.

6. To provide continuing opportunities to gifted Hawaiian children as a means to enhance students' ability in reaching their educational goals.

7. To disseminate information regarding successful practices in identification and programming of gifted and talented educational activities for Hawaiian children.