Raising Educational/Career Aspirations

Over the past eight years, the Center has been successful in raising the educational and career aspirations of Hawaiian children. In general, the students and families participating in Nä Pua No'eau activities believe that they have the potential to achieve educational and career goals beyond those achieved by their parents.

Additionally increasing numbers of parents are informing the Center that they see dramatic improvements in their children's attitude which results in higher aspirations and achievements. The students seem to feel that they are capable of success. The students also feel respected and accepted as Hawaiians and now are proud to tell people that they are Hawaiian.


Increasing Opportunities for Accessing Educational Enrichment Opportunities

The center serves approximately 2000 students a year. In addition, the school projects provide services to approximately another 300 students. It is assumed that the teacher training and workshop presentations conducted through the Center impact large number of students indirectly. The partnerships with other organizations increase the number of students who benefit from Center participation. For example, the center assists in the selection of 9th grade Hawaiian students to attend a six week summer pre-medical program. At the Medical School Program at the University of Southern California, the Center assists in selecting Hawaiian students to attend the University of Hawai'i School of Medicine Summer Medical Training program for 11th graders. The Center has also facilitated the access of Hawaiian students to other Summer Programs offering educational enrichment.


Identifying Gifted Hawaiian Students

The Center has developed identification criteria and procedures that allow students to exhibit their giftedness through a broader range of cultural contexts and situations than currently used. This allows students who are gifted but for some reason are not exhibiting their abilities in traditional means to demonstrate their potential. The work of the Center in this area has helped schools redesign some of their gifted identification procedures. The result has been more Hawaiian students are being recognized as being gifted and being supported in optimizing their potential.


Enhancing Talent

Through the Center's model and philosophy, the students participating in the Center's activities optimize their fullest potential. The success of this experience have allowed the students to "blossom" within their talent. Students and parents have all testified to the raising of the level of performance both in the talent and in their overall school and home activities.


Empowering a Community Toward Educational Excellence

The Hawaiian community has had increasingly more opportunity to discuss and be a part of the educational experiences in the Center's programs. The result is an increased awareness of what individual families can do to support education and culture in the home. They have also empowered themselves to be conscientious in working with schools in developing activities that support the cultural foundation of the Hawaiian community. The result has been a larger core of families who have visions as to the possibilities of ideal educational situations of their children.