Educational/Career Pathways

Nä Pua No'eau has designed an educational/career pathway which facilitate Hawaiian students toward professions in which they are traditionally under represented in.

The program conducted through Nä Pua No'eau are the foundation of the pathways through which it increases the likelihood of Hawaiian students aspiring to and attaining their educational and career goals.

The pathway design does more than provide courses of study expected of students directed toward a particular profession. The pathway includes programs and activities which Nä Pua No'eau has designed to address those barriers which Hawaiians have faced in a changing world as a native people.

Nä Pua No'eau recognizes that there are many more students capable of becoming great leaders, scientists, educators, businessmen, etc., which the current system of education has not and may not find. Nä Pua No'eau has been successful in bringing out the best in the Hawaiian students and discovering potential in so many students.